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Specialist Window Cleaning Limited

Specialist Window Cleaning Limited

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Specialist Window Cleaning Limited

Specialist Window Cleaning was formed in 2010 by Gareth Thomas. The company has since grown to become a national window cleaning provide and operates as part of Incentive FM Group under the SWC brand delivering services for both Incentive FM and Incentive QAS in addition to providing services for its expanding standalone client base.

Gareth’s vision was to offer clients something special in terms of innovation, quality and customer service.

“People are our only asset” – That’s what our competitors say! That puts people in the same category as buildings, boilers and air conditioners.

We say people aren’t an asset! Our people are “EVERYTHING”! They are fascinating and challenging and creative and emotional and brilliant. They are the lifeblood of our business, they make it tick, they drive us forward, they are the innovators and most of all they make us smile.

Our people are our everything!

While other companies look for market differentiators in technology and lower margins we have created our USP through developing our people. As our industry is built on 3 to 5 year contracts and many of our competitors choose to reduce or remove training costs to bolster margins which has a corrosive effect on service delivery through an underdeveloped and ultimately disenfranchised team.

We invest heavily in training our staff and have set a minimum standard for all window cleaners which we fill sets us apart from our competitors. We trust them to take the development and deliver that back to the client through outstanding service delivery, which in turn gives us an improved chance of retaining the contract for the longer term. Simple really!

Our measure of success is to know that when a client contract is up for retender or review our biggest advocates are our team on site. It is the team who are going to the client and demanding they want to stay with SWC.