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Originally the ROPE ACCESS TRAINING CENTRE started in Pretoria in 1998, facilitating the first IRATA ROPE ACCESS training in South Africa.

After 5 years of successful training in Pretoria, the Rope Access Training Centre moved to Cape Town. The ROPE ACCESS TRAINING CENTRE’s name changed to ROPEWORKZ, and the training focused on IRATA.

Within 2 years ROPEWORKZ was awarded probationary IRATA company membership. During this time ROPEWORKZ was sharing a training venue with TRAINGWORKZ. Then in 2010 ROPEWORKZ became a full IRATA member and moved to its own training venue.

Our Team:

, IRATA trainer and IRATA assessor, has been doing ROPE ACCESS since 1988. In 2007 he became the second IRATA assessor in South Africa.

Etienne started climbing at the age of 14 and this grew into working in the adventure industry and rope access.

His experience includes working on a heli bungi for a British TV series, setting up and installing Bungi’s and Zipline operations.

He has many years’ experience with international offshore companies. He has worked in 5 continents and countless countries.

CHRISTO SWANEPOEL, IRATA trainer, has been in the industry since 1996. He has international experience, working in the UK, Kenya, Zambia, and Indonesia and started ROPE ACCESS TRAINING in 2001.

As a passionate rock climber, he’s been climbing since 1994 and climbed all over the world. The only thing preventing him from being a climbing superstar is a severe lack of talent.

CARMEN FERREIRA, is a girl and can climb like a beast: she moved from an experienced background in the adventure industry(Bloukraans Bungee, Oribi Gorge etc) towards rope access and is currently the assistant trainer for Ropeworkz.

Whether it is ROPE ACCESS TRAINING with international recognition, equipment requirements, or WORK AT HEIGHT know-how that you need, our team will be able to facilitate you.

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