Rojam Major, Predkiel sp.j - ROJAM
Rojam Major, Predkiel sp.j - ROJAM

Rojam Major, Predkiel sp.j – ROJAM

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Rojam Major, Predkiel sp.j – ROJAM
Work at heights is a specific field of tasks, the implementation of which requires both professional equipment as well as the rights and experience of employees. Due to the high level of risk to health and life, they can only be performed by people with appropriate predispositions, perfectly familiar with security techniques such as belay systems or personal protective equipment. All these conditions are met by ROJAM employees.
We are one of the leading European companies that specialize in work at height using rope access techniques. Investors and Clients value us for our experience and individual approach to the executed orders. Our advantage is also openness to industry news, which we use in our daily work.
Specialized work at height is not only the subject of our professional work, but also a passion.
We have many prestigious projects on our account. The satisfaction of each client is the most important for us. We also attach great importance to the safety of employees, which is why we systematically update third party liability and accident insurance.
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