Pazargad Non Industrial Operation Services Co.
Pazargad Non Industrial Operation Services Co.

Pazargad Non Industrial Operation Services Co.

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In recent years, Pazargad Non-Industrial Operations Company, as a supporter of industry, has taken a step in the direction of economic growth and industrial progress in the field of petrochemical, oil, gas and refining industries.
Below we take a look at the history of Pazargad Company, as one of the oldest companies in the petrochemical industry;

Iran Petrochemical Company (Public Joint Stock Company) was registered in 1338 in the Tehran Companies and Non-Commercial Institutions Registration Office. In 1344, the name of the company was changed to Pazargad Chemical Company (Public Joint Stock Company) and after several changes in the ownership of the company, in December 1995, the ownership of 100% of the company’s shares was transferred to the National Petrochemical Company. In order to achieve the goals and plans of the National Petrochemical Company, the factory of Pazargad Chemical Company was handed over to Abadan Petrochemical Company and the activity of the company was stopped on 05/31/1375. According to the decision taken in the Extraordinary General Assemblies dated 04/04/2002 and 07/23/2002, the name and type were changed to Pazargad Service Company (Private Joint Stock Company) and also in accordance with the approval of the Ordinary General Assembly dated 04/31/2002, the company was re-established from 1381/05. / 01 started. And in the meeting of the Extraordinary General Assembly dated 11/27/2004, the name of the company was changed to non-industrial operations of Pazargad (Private Joint Stock Company) and the place of activity of the company was mentioned in Assaluyeh.
Subject of activity
The subject of the company’s activity according to Article 2 of the Articles of Association is “Office of Staff Operations Affairs (Non-Industrial) including organizational houses, guest houses, hotels, etc., manpower services including service manpower, financial, administrative, technical, logistical, etc., municipal services including Urban facilities, ‌Construction, renovation, عهDevelopment and creation of required facilities, protection, green space, fire, safety, environment, telecommunications, etc., public services including educational services, sports, administration, restaurant, social, welfare, cultural, Health, information technology, etc., travel services including tourist, recreational, pilgrimage tours, etc. (foreign, domestic), transportation services including land, air, sea and rail, etc., logistics services, warehousing, product classification, etc. , Port and customs services including clearance, import and export affairs, etc., Wharf services including loading, warehousing, etc.
Mission Statement
With the help of Hazrat Haq and the use of efficient and motivated human resources, along with scientific management and benefiting from world-class knowledge in the field of increasing service quality and customer orientation, we guarantee the provision of the most desirable services and its continuous improvement to achieve the highest degree. Satisfaction of our stakeholders.
Fundamental values
Our key values ​​are based on customer orientation, responsibility, teamwork and excellence, trust and increasing the quality of services, which are our compass to find the right path. We adhere to the principles and responsibility for our commitments. Our strategies and policies will guide the company’s workflow in interaction with our partners and stakeholders in the region.