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Palmer & Co (Scotland) Ltd

Palmer & Co (Scotland) Ltd

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Palmer & Co (Scotland) Ltd
Palmer & Co is one of Scotland’s longest-standing national commercial window cleaning and high-level maintenance contractors with clients across the public and private sectors.
By investing in new tech and machinery, we continually innovate to give customers safe, reliable and cost effective high-level access services, delivered by our directly employed team. From the basics of being fully insured, disclosure checked and trained, through to the detail of how we keep our machinery running and how we kit our team out, we make sure every detail is adding value.
We work with commercial property firms, building agents and surveyors, as well as facilities managers and building owners, to help maintain properties safely and cost effectively.A good commercial window cleaning company has the skills, expertise, equipment, insurance and safety record to do the best job with complete respect for the building. We have all of that and an impressive track record for client service and innovation. Cleaning windows at height is one of the things we do best but our services cover all types of buildings and window heights.
Whether working directly with our commercial, retail and public-sector clients, or in support of our strategic partners, our trained and dedicated team has the infrastructure, access equipment, insurance and expertise to deliver a reliable and can-do service so that your office window cleaning is thorough, safe and professional.
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