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Mira Rope Access
MIRA, the first GWO approved training provider of Turkey, boasting the largest indoor training centre in the country, offers Wind sector-specific services such as:
Internationally certified (SPRAT, IRATA) rope access services and rope access training;
– GWO Basic Safety Training (Working at Height and Rescue, First Aid, Manual Handling, Fire Awareness);
– Blade inspection, maintenance and repair;
– Tower inspection, cleaning (oil leakage, dust etc.), corrosion control, and painting;
– Inspection, maintenance and repair of ladders, service lifts and fall arresters as an authorized technical service for Haca, TufTug, Hailo, Zarges and DualLift;
– PPE (harness, helmet, lanyard, fall arrester sliders) inspection and maintenance.
MIRA has a broad range of references for the accomplishment of many projects for turbine, tower, blade manufacturers and field operators.
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