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Inspection & Rope Access Specialists Ltd

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Inspection & Rope Access Specialists Ltd
Rope access has become a leading access method for engineering work, inspections, maintenance and various other trades required at height in recent years. This is due to the growing number of remote or difficult access structures which require ongoing inspection and maintenance work the complicated structures created by architects and engineers.
If your business relies on traditional height access methods it can be both frustrating and costly to wait on scaffolding or mechanical platforms to arrive and work to begin. Rope access companies can provide a quick, safe and cost-effective alternative to these traditional solutions.
Drawing on steeplejack and abseiling techniques, rope access is a work at height method which can be used to reach typically restricted areas such as bridges, oil-rigs and wind turbines.

The advantage of using rope access over other access methods lies in the safety and speed the technique has for maneuvering specialist workers onto your awkward access building or structure. Certified rope access technicians are up to six times less likely to experience a job site injury and the industry is heavily regulated and always focused on the absolute safety of workers. As rope access requires less equipment the set-up and disruption time is brought to minimum, reducing costs and allowing ongoing operations to continue during work. All of these reasons combine to explain the growth in popularity the technique has experienced in recent years.