Gonçalves Rapazote Lda
Gonçalves Rapazote Lda

Gonçalves Rapazote Lda

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Gonçalves Rapazote Lda
Today a wide variety of services are crucial to meet the requirements of the wind industry. To maximize the benefits of wind farms, it’s necessary to guarantee the quality, integrity and maintenance of the equipment.

In GR WIND we provide qualified inspection, repair, maintenance and access services for the various elements of wind turbines: rotor blades, tower, nacelle and access and lifting equipment. These services are crucial to improve performance and extend the life of wind turbines.
We are specialized in difficult access and we have a highly certified and constantly evolving technical staff, the result of the fundamental partnership with our academy, GR ACADEMY.
Cleaning & Painting
Equipment Supplier
Maintenance & Repair
Non-Destructive Testing
Wind Turbine
Difficult and Restricted Access Consultancy
Structural Survey / Repair / Maintenance
Coating Application / Inspection
Fire Damage Cleaning
Rope Access Services