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ASG Inspection Ltd
At ASG Inspection, we blend the old and the new – the proven and the progressive – to offer an alternative solution in the oil & gas inspection market.

Our team has decades of collective experience in our specialist market and understands the challenges you face.

But, in these tough times, we know you’re looking for more.

That’s why we’ve devised a new inspection services model. One that’s certainly about professionalism, quality and assurance – about meeting the requirements of certification bodies and class societies.

But it’s also about using innovative practices, technological advances and a partnership philosophy to perform your inspection work with even greater efficiency, and at highly competitive rates.

And because we’re an independent business, unburdened by corporate constraints, we have the freedom to develop sustainable professional relationships that allow us to add even more value. We foster a shared inspection environment in which we support you right through to repair, replacement or recertification.